Clodagh, working with Design Commerce Agency




Since leaving high school at seventeen, dropping her last name and setting up her own company, Irish-born Clodagh has been a constant force in the design world. A global nomad, she has traveled to 90-plus countries during her professional career, designing everything from makeup packaging to million square-foot hotels.
Clodagh passionately believes that good design can support well-being, and her pioneering use of feng shui, chromotheraphy, biophilia, and sustainable materials has enriched her projects with an unmistakable look, structure and flow that appeals to all the human senses. Widely recognized as a leader in the green design movement, she aligns herself with companies and vendors who also embody this ethic, as well as fostering relationships with companies who strive to contribute philanthropically to their communities.
Based in New York for more than thirty years, Clodagh is the author of Your Home, Your Sanctuary, and Total Design. Her husband, international photographer Daniel Aubry, shot the images for both of her books.