Manufacturing today operates at a level of global competition unmatched from any other point in human history.  The designers our Agency represents help each manufacturer compete by increasing the likelihood of launching products that can become best-sellers for years.  Our Agency goal is simple – to provide guest designers that know how to work collaboratively with each manufacturer to deliver product design that elevates each manufacturer’s brand, design aesthetic, and voice in the marketplace.

For your consideration, we represent some of the best interior and home furnishings designers in America.  We also offer our Agency’s services to any manufacturer who wishes to engage other designers we do not represent.  In this situation, our Agency provides its expertise in sourcing the designers, negotiating guest design contracts, defining intellectual property ownership, and providing product launch guidance including PR and social media.

For any service we provide to a manufacturer, we apply our Agency’s deep expertise in online and brick and mortar retail, wholesale and to-the-trade distribution, product development, and online marketing needed for today’s new world fueled by social media story telling.

Below are examples of some recent successful collaborations between manufacturers and the guest designers our Agency represents.

Call us at +1 (415) 485-6012 or email Bryan Calkins.

Roger Thomas for Rocky Mountain | Hardware
Roger Thomas for Speakman | Bath Fixtures
Clodagh for Speakman | Bath Fixtures
Timothy Corrigan for Samuel & Sons | Passementerie Trim
Lori Weitzner for Samuel & Sons | Passementerie Trim
Roger Thomas for Samuel & Sons | Passementerie Trim
Clodagh for Labrazel | Bath Accessories
Roger Thomas for Labrazel | Bath Accessories
The Alpha Workshops for Koroseal | Commercial Wallcovering
Roger Thomas for Koroseal | Commercial Wallcovering
Clodagh for Koroseal | Commercial Wallcovering
Roger Thomas for Rocky Mountain | Hardware
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