Kaya Stone From Clodagh

July 26, 2017
Kaya is a new collection of textured-stone tiles and mosaics designed by Clodagh that embodies the heart and soul of stone through conscious design.

AKDO and creative powerhouse designer Clodagh have collaborated to produce a collection of tile that is inspired by the underlying practice of mindfulness. The results are in line with Clodagh’s design philosophy: all aspects of design should not only enhance interior living space, but design should also elevate the well-being of the individuals present within the space.

The Kaya collection presents a very meditative geometry through modular design. The neutral color palette based purely upon natural stone, combined with a range of polished and rough textures, provide the variation and visual interest needed to simultaneously embody minimalism and character. Additionally, the tiles have been carefully curated, in terms of color, shape, and texture, to allow a designer a range of creativity in their application.

Three neutral colors in cool gray, warm brown and classic white are featured in the collection. Special techniques such as sandblasting lend the appearance of an aged tile to some designs, while others have a linear detail that lends a meditative energetic quality. The mosaics add a third level of interest and design expression made available to the designer by this stunning collection.

The Kaya collection brings natural beauty to any space, reflecting Clodagh’s signature design philosophy of “Life Enhancing Minimalism”. Check out the video interview with Clodagh and more images of the Kaya collection in the slideshow below.

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