Woogmaster Studio



Somewhat contrary to the modernist orientation of his architectural education, Alex Woogmaster is fascinated by the expressiveness of masters of the past. “I’m inspired by palatial architecture,” Alex confesses. He completed his architecture degree at Cornell University, where masters such as Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe tend to occupy the highest pedestals. In more antique environments, though, he finds a “totality of experience that exceeds the aspirations of many buildings in the modern day.”

Time abroad in Rome only reinforced the interest. Now, working in Las Vegas for Wynn Resorts, known for opulent modern-day palaces, he’s constantly thinking about how architecture guides and shapes the human experience. Alex is keenly aware that in the real world academic theory is of limited help in achieving results. “What feels right and what feels correct is more a matter of intuition than education,” he says.

Combining practice with passion, he says that “design challenges are rarely truly new, and while a problem may have contemporary specifics, some of the most brilliant, simple, and appropriate inspirations lie in the past. I prefer to reference old ideas when solving new problems. I want my designs to always feel fresh, but also always feel instinctively comfortable.”

Design Commerce Agency is delighted to be representing Alex, who is working with MunnWorks, producing mirrors, and developing furniture and lighting for other manufacturers.