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May 26, 2015
A growing resource for ideas and inspirations, desingers’ blogs are also powerful marketing.

A major motivation for us in building Design Commerce Agency is the continuing change in communications and media. There’s no better illustration of those changes than the proliferation of blogs about design. By one measure, the reach of interior design bloggers is several times that of the largest, most influential design magazines. A nice coffee-table book has its lasting place, and we all still love a multi-page spread in a glossy magazine. But the day in, day out power of blogs to connect with business partners and consumers is something that has created a new imperative.

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“Designers that blog are golden, to themselves and the brands they work with,” declares Adam Japko, chief executive of Esteem Media. The Boston company organized a February conference in Atlanta for design bloggers (their collective audience is measured in the chart). “They will move the most product for luxury design brands and manufacturers now, and over the long haul. They think big, invest in their businesses, and market hard while staying open to new technology and shifts in the ways business is conducted.”

The impact of blogs on any business is well-documented. But in the interior design trade, the advent of near-ubiquitous smartphones with great cameras undoubtedly gives blogs an extra kick. Early blogs were of necessity about words, and words still matter. But the flow of photos is obviously critical to communications in an industry like ours. Great images help amplify a message, and make sure it gets maximum attention and reach on visually-oriented social networks. This presentation to the February conference by Christina Fluegge of Greige Design offers a good primer on effective blogging.

We’re big admirers of the way Lori Weitzner uses her blog “assemblage” to reflect her approach to work, how she assembles influences and ideas to create the textiles and wallcoverings designers and consumers admire the world over. Blogging can seem daunting, but her approach reflects a practical focus. A blog doesn’t have to be a reference text or a dissertation.

We’ve been delighted by how enthusiastically Roger Thomas has taken to blogging since last summer, as he began the process of creating his new website. Roger roves the world as head of design for Wynn Resorts, and via his iPhone he shares photos from museum visits, vendor meetings and social events around the world. Since last August, he’s published more than fifty updates from all over the world. He has drawn thousands of visitors to his website and many times more engagements via active sharing and re-sharing on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Our newest “favorite” blog belongs to Alex Woogmaster, a young Las Vegas-based designer just launching his career. With his first few posts, it’s clear he brings a distinctive perspective to the history of design. We look forward to following the evolution of his thinking, and the success of his business, for many more blogposts to come. 

For us, the efforts by these and other clients make our job representing them much easier and more effective. Blogs let us follow along as thinking evolves and business develops, and provide a personal connection that we know business partners, customers and the industry value.

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