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Maya Romanoff



Maya Romanoff since 1969 has been known for creating extraordinary materials for wallcoverings and unique artful materials for architectural surfaces. Maya, who died in 2014, discovered the technique of tie-dying at Woodstock and used the technique in developing a couture fashion line. He built a company that has grown to more than sixty employees and artisans who produce some of the design world’s most innovative, intriguing and luxurious wallcoverings. Many of its creations are made by hand in their Chicago studios, and the remainder in workshops around the world, sourcing unique materials never before brought to the world of interior finishes.

Maya Romanoff collaborates with top names in all facets of art, design and architecture. Design Commerce Agency is proud to be affiliated with the company in their manufacturing and distribution of wallcoverings designed by The Roger Thomas Collection, and in consulting to the company for the Maya Vinyls Collection offered by Koroseal Interior Products.