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High points at High Point

October 28, 2015
We feasted our eyes and minds on the rich offerings of the industry’s biggest market. Here’s a rundown of some interesting creations we spied.

With two thousand exhibitors, 11.5 million square feet of floorspace and tens of thousands of new products on view, the semi-annual High Point market is as every bit as big and overwhelming as it sounds.

In our trip to the market last week, we were encouraged to see the prominence many manufacturers are giving to new, focused designer collections. Manufacturers are solving for specific gaps in their product lines by turning to individual talents who are uniquely able to help, and the results look promising.

Fine Arts Lamps, the Miami-based lighting specialist, celebrated its 75th birthday with a new collection, Monceau, of elegant chandeliers (shown at top) and sconces by Jonathan Browning. It’s been a busy season for Jonathan, who has also contributed designs to the new RH Modern collection.

High points from High Point | Design Commerce Agency

Jay Jeffers’ Duchamp ice bucket

Our San Francisco friend Jay Jeffers has created a luxuriously indulgent line of entertainment-focused accessories for Arteriors Home. Accent tables are elegant and handy when guests scatter in unexpected directions about the room at a cocktail party. Jay says he created these because he had a hard time finding anything like them, which is often what prompts great designers to start making things. His collection also includes handsome bar accessories in rich materials, like the $1,650 (suggested list) Duchamp ice bucket in antiqued aluminum.

We were also excited to see Jesse Kalisher’s new Gallery creating the anticipated splash, with a great selection of beautiful artwork aimed at offering retail buyers fresh, affordable choices. (We’re working with Jesse as he explores opportunities in the luxury residential market.)

We made a note to find out more about Thibaut, the nation’s oldest continuously-operating wallpaper firm. The company is showing renewed vigor under a new ownership structure established last year. Coordinated designs across fabrics, wallcovering and furniture offer a set of great choices for retail buyers, ranging from historic to novel, chinoiserie to tropical.

And we admired the look of much that was on offer from Sunpan Modern Home, with a range of classic mid-century looks.

  • High points at High Point | Design Commerce Agency

    Thibaut on the High Point floor

  • High points at High Point | Design Commerce Agency

    From Thibaut’s “Trade Routes” collection

  • High points at High Point | Design Commerce Agency

    A colorful ensemble from Thibaut

  • High points from High Point

    For the home from Kalisher

  • High points at High Point | Design Commerce Agency

    An armchair by Sunpan

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