DCA and Marley+Malek Kids

January 07, 2020
DCA is now representing MARLEY+MALEK KIDS, a team of four women creating beautiful wallcovering and textile designs for today’s children
and their families.

Designing for a kid’s room in the 2020s will continue to be no small feat – how does a parent integrate a room of whimsy, dreams, and fun with today’s subtle, minimal, and neutral design elements in the rest of the house?  Enter Rachel Geisler, Jill Malek, Chelsea Reale, and Diana Rice, a team of four based in New York City who joined forces in 2013 to create the most sophisticated and fun kids brand in the market today.

In addition to pleasing parents with an update to their home’s rooms for children, the team is passionate about creating inspired environments that foster growth and exploration.  With four backgrounds spanning both fashion and interior design, impeccable attention to detail, and an appreciation for sophisticated and well-balanced neutral palettes, the MARLEY+MALEK KIDS design aesthetic helps to create a joyous but calm environment within any home.

DCA is so pleased to have the opportunity to work directly with the team to assist in securing guest design licensing with retailers and manufacturers, and to develop opportunities beyond wallcovering, the current core business.  Rugs, bedding, toys, and other decorative items through licensing will further extend and define this exciting emerging brand. A few beautiful design shots from the MARLEY+MALEK KIDS website are included below:

Carousel1.pngThe sublime work of MARLEY+MALEK KIDS