Biennale in Bella Venezia

June 13, 2017
DCA client Jonathan Browning Studios was among 50 global designers selected to present at VENICE DESIGN 2017, a design exhibition held during the glorious Biennale di Venezia.

The VENICE DESIGN 2017 event, held in May, offered an intimate perspective into the design approaches used by 50 designers from 25 countries, and showcased some wonderful new trends in both product and interior design. The event was hosted by the European Cultural Centre in the historical Palazzo Michiel, which faces the Grand Canal in the very heart of Venice.

This year’s design theme highlighted the potential impact of how an individual’s natural curiosity and interest can impact the roles “designed objects” play in our everyday life. As Jonathan has always thought of lighting as “the jewelry of a room or home”, his design presentation and thoughts were very well received. The event also offered an exceptional opportunity to showcase the impact decorative lighting can have in an inspiring Venetian setting.

There are no typical showrooms in Venice and so the palazzos, piazzas, and other intimate spaces used to host gatherings and events for the 200,000 attendees provided an inspiring and atmospheric way to connect more personally with others in the design industry. The Jonathan Browning Studios products on display within the ornately detailed Palazzo Michiel on the Grand Canal included the lead cut crystal Rochillon Chandelier and matching torchieres, the highly decorative bronze Shield Sconces, and the fluidly organic crystal Montalembert Sconces. The products will remain on display through November 2017.

Jonathan shared with us that the invitation to be a part of such a rarefied design exhibition in a place as sublime as Venice “has been a lovely experience and an honor.” The photos below show that his lighting held its own from a design perspective while on display in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth.

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