The Best of Los Angeles Design

November 27, 2018
DCA is now representing Kay Lang, a leading contemporary interior and product designer based in Los Angeles.

The offices of Kay Lang are on the historic Wilshire Boulevard, in the heart of Los Angeles.  Kay Lang reflects Southern California design and Southern California reflects her – projects include Four Seasons hotels in both Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, Shutters-On-The-Beach in Santa Monica, Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara and Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach.

At the same time, her firm Kay Lang + Associates has a global reach, with projects in Beijing, Dubai, New York, Miami, Seattle and many other Southern California hot spots.  Kay deploys clean, contemporary interior and product design work that embodies Los Angeles, but is also influenced by global travel for her projects around the world.  In a world dominated at the moment by greys, tans, whites, and browns, Kay effortlessly and selectively adds stronger colors to neutral base palettes to redefine interiors and provide an anchor for time and place. She feels the key to achieving timeless design is to infuse authenticity and purposeful details into each product that are both functional and highly memorable.

DCA is so pleased to have the opportunity to work directly with Kay to assist in making available for licensing to retailers and manufacturers their extensive interior design and home furnishings archive.  A striking compendium of select Kay Lang + Associates design work is included here:


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