3DV Sneak Peek


March 22, 2022
3DV start-up leverages a 3D object and a video-powered pattern selection platform.

DCA is pleased to provide our exclusive Agency representation service to a new and exciting start-up to market its applications within the hospitality industry. 3DV specializes in innovative, property-specific design solutions that extend a hotel brand’s design and imagery into exciting surface design and pattern selection. Utilizing a 3D modeling platform, the technology provides mixed-reality opportunities in the form of physical objects and immersive digital brand experiences.Powered by programmable and customizable 3D models in digital space, a highly versatile and engaging 3D experience for selecting pattern options in wall-covering, carpets, flooring, textiles, and other surface designs has emerged. The result? A pattern selection platform that embraces today’s hospitality design market – one that demands better and faster design selection tools as well as customizable design deliverables.

Simultaneously, this exclusive technology workflow provides one-of-a-kind physical objects and immersive digital assets – all of which are of the highest quality for manufacturing and production.

For hospitality brands looking to be the first to implement, this can include:

  • Fast delivery of exclusive and unique, 3D and 2D surface designs for walls, carpet, tile, textiles, and more.
  • Hotel brand design collateral that is intended to fuel localized, physical and digital content for each hotel location.
  • 3D and 2D digital design assets ready to be delivered to key manufacturing partners with 100% computerized, production-ready files in a variety of industry-standard formats.
  • New potential to design creatively and deliver highly-coordinated 2D and 3D interior design products for exciting, multi-media customer experiences in hotel rooms, lobbies, corridors, and other common spaces.

For more information, please call or email DCA Partner Bryan Calkins at 415-205-3056 (text or voice) or bryan@designcommerceagency.com.

A few screenshots of the 3DV technology in action are shown in the images below.