3DV Part 2


April 21, 2022
One 3-D model by 3DV delivers infinite possibilities and creative design options for integrated carpet and wallcovering in corridors and adjoining guest rooms.

3DV specializes in property-specific design solutions that can transform a hotel brand’s surface design and imagery collateral into an engaging and immersive pattern selection engine. In this blog post, a powerful example is shown for one of the most lucrative hospitality design areas – a coordinated collection for wallcovering and carpet for corridors and adjoining guest rooms. For each hotel design or re-design, the interior design firm is often tasked with delivering branded but also property-specific interior design, as the largest hotel companies now want to honor each brand but also deliver localization and even a boutique feeling for each hotel. Using hotel brand and localization design assets, the 3DV Studio team can create a powerful 3-D model that delivers on both of these objectives.

With a 3DV model specified and approved by the hotel brand, interior designers and hospitality clients can be guided through a nearly infinite number of designs and design combinations applied to a simple corridor and adjoining guest room model.

An example of design selections resulting from one 3DV model shown in the photos below. Ask us about mixed reality digital assets!

To see this exciting pattern selection and coordination process in action, for multiple surfaces as shown, please call DCA Partner Bryan Calkins at 415-205-3056 (text or voice) or email him at bryan@designcommerceagency.com.

One 3DV model is the creative tool that generates all patterns and delivers a unique and cohesive design.