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June 5, 2018
DCA is now representing Long Beach-based technology and design innovator OAC Design

When visiting OAC Design’s website at, the visitor is stuck by the organized creativity that seems to explode off the pages. A second observation follows on the heels of the first – that the company’s design prowess can touch every aspect of human life and business in the 21st Century.  Product design and innovation impact hi-tech dog beds to a beautiful ‘augmented reality tactical headset’ designed for potential usage by the U.S. military forces, and everything in between.

OAC Design was founded by Brandon Love and Brittney Brooks.  Brandon has been a thought leader in industrial design and product development for over 14 years, and Brittney has the extensive experience in manufacturing and business development needed to bring Brandon’s creativity into reality. Brandon and Brittney help innovators, businesses, and governments build a better future through the development of products that have a positive impact on society, and believe great design strongly impacts human behavior, emotions, and attitudes towards objects.

DCA is so pleased to have the opportunity to work directly with the OAC Design founders to assist in turning their trademarked tagline “from mind to matter” into an ongoing success story via licensing their designs and extensive intellectual property to third-party manufacturers and retailers. A brief visual compendium of some OAC Design concepts and prototypes is included here:


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