Sondra Alexander, working with Design Commerce Agency

Sondra Alexander Launches Independent Studio

April 2, 2015
Design Commerce Agency partner pioneered connections between fashion and interior design

Design Commerce Agency is proud to be partnering with Sondra Alexander as she embarks on the next phase of a storied career. The designer recently stepped back from Yangki Wallcoverings and continues to work with Koroseal. Working from her independent San Francisco studio, she is exploring new ideas for her products for Koroseal as well as other opportunities.

Sondra Alexander

Sondra grew up in New York City, immersed in high fashion. She opened her first clothing boutique in 1965. Her own unique and sophisticated line of hand-painted clothing, which she called Immagini, was soon stocked in upscale boutiques across the country.

But she soon began looking for additional mediums of expression, and in 1977 began creating her signature line of wallcoverings, becoming one of the first artists to connect fashion and interior design. Her work adorns the walls of such prestigious establishments as Tiffany’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Presidential Suite at the Hilton Waikoloa, The Wynn Las Vegas, St. Francis Suites in San Francisco and private homes around the globe.

Sondra’s vision is constantly nourished by the world around her. “I remember once, while walking through the streets of Rome, how awed I was by the beauty of ancient structures,” she says. “The rich patinas, the layers of ever-changing textures created by centuries of exposure, and the juxtaposition of color within the peeling surfaces and from building to building—it was a mystical moment.”

Yangki continues to offer a range of her distinctive designs. Design Commerce Agency partner Koroseal offers a range of durable and popular vinyl wallcoverings designed by Sondra (see her collection here). Design Commerce is excited about Sondra’s ideas for extending that range with a new series of fresh designs.


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