Soirée Ready Outdoor Living

May 4, 2017
The poolside can always be ready to entertain with this outdoor furniture collection, designed by Roger Thomas for Walters.

The Delta Collection by Roger Thomas is an exclusive for Walters, and the new photography shown below provides everyone with an update on this beautiful outdoor furniture as thoughts turn to summer. Roger always loves collaborating with Walters due to the company’s passion for unique style, innovative materials, and quality fabrication.

The motivation of this collection was to solve an important challenge: the need for hospitality project developers to be able to source durable, lightweight, cost-effective and modern outdoor furniture for demanding hotel and spa environments. Naturally, this collection has shown crossover appeal to residential buyers who need these same traits poolside. The design solution combines a weave technique found in Scandinavian furniture of the 1950’s and 1960’s with a modern and sophisticated silhouette. By keeping the weave away from the floor, arms, and legs, where it would typically wear most, and utilizing hollow aluminum tubing for structural integrity and lightness, each piece is instantly suited for extremely active use without sacrificing style.

Per Roger, the inspiration for the Delta Collection was “a love of modernist furniture placed in the sublime interiors designed by Jinny Lee Snow”. Jinny is a Cranbrook Academy design graduate who consulted with Roger’s parents on the interiors of several Thomas family homes.

Finally, the combination of the colors and finishes selected lends a cool and informal vibe perfectly suited to poolside recreation. The collection includes loungers, tables of several sizes and shapes, accent chairs, benches, and even a curved sofa, as shown:

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