Roger Thomas for Stone Yard


May 15, 2024
Roger Thomas has launched a gorgeous new collection for the iconic Stone Yard brand.

Stone Yard Inc. is pleased to announce its design partnership and first products with Roger Thomas, Emeritus Director of Design at Wynn Hotels and Resorts. This first collaboration reflects Roger’s storied career in hospitality design and the company’s unique manufacturing capabilities. Serving high-end hospitality, residential and commercial projects, Stone Yard brings one-of-a-kind designs and handcrafted furnishings to life with its proprietary process that emulates the timeless look of stone for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The new range introduces a variety of cocktail and occasional tables as well as large planters, all finished by hand, to create elevated environments. “My relationship with Stone Yard traces back several years, since the company was first founded by Mitch Brean. I have always highly regarded the brand for the consistency of quality, the high-level of design, and its excellent production,” said Thomas. “Stone Yard’s reputation for innovative production allowed me complete freedom of imagination during the design process. I prefer to design what I can’t otherwise find in the industry and was able to imagine the best solutions possible without concern for production difficulties.”

“With Roger’s illustrious career in the hospitality industry, designing for some of the finest properties in the world, it was an honor to partner together on this special collaboration for Stone Yard” says Mitch Brean, the company’s Founder.

Each piece in this new collection highlights Thomas’ acute attention to detail and his personal passions for travel and art, allowing him to fuse globally inspired design motifs with sophisticated shapes. The initial collection includes City Block, Piramide, Bois, Dama, and Diamonte, and it reflects both French and Italian design elements from several historical eras, from the 15th to the 20th century.

The Stone Yard, Inc. Roger Thomas Collection can be found online at A few beautiful examples are shown below.

The Roger Thomas Collection for Stone Yard