Mark Zeff


The Founder of the world-renowned and namesake design firm MARKZEFF works in Brooklyn and occasionally out of his home in the Hamptons. Mark is a lifestyle thought leader for hotel design, architecture, residential and restaurant design, and home furnishings inspired by extensive globe-trotting. A native of South Africa, Mark’s most prominent interior design project for 2017 is the new Virgin flagship hotel under construction in Manhattan’s newly chic NoMad District. Mark is also the visionary behind BLACKBARN, a new lifestyle brand that embodies living with ease, sumptuous beauty, and style simultaneously, first realized in the design of his Hamptons home built in 2014.  BLACKBARN is also now embodied in a beautiful book, a dazzling restaurant in Manhattan, and will soon be more fully realized in October 2017 with a new retail concept in the newly refurbished lower level of Chelsea Market.