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Magic “Flute” debuts to great reviews

March 3, 2015
Roger Thomas’ latest hardware collection for Rocky Mountain Hardware strikes classical notes

The Roger Thomas Collection’s successful partnership with Rocky Mountain Hardware continues with the designer’s latest offerings. Design editors have been intrigued by the classic lines, inspired by Corinthian column designs. “When considering simplicity in design, I look to shapes like the cylinder,” Roger explained to Snap. “My favorite example of the cylinder–and the most romantic, I feel–is the fluted Corinthian column of 5th-century-B.C.E. Greece, which is the foundation of 2,500 years of architecture.”

“Kudos to the artisans,” said Amy Elbert, writing in Traditional Home, noting that the designs are “as much about ergonomics as glamour.” The well-crafted pieces are hand cast in bronze, and are available in 10 standard finishes or custom finishes.

The products were finalists in Interior Design’s Best of Year awards.

Rocky Mountain Hardware is one of more than a dozen manufacturers across the home-furnishings industry who work with Design Commerce Agency client Roger Thomas.

View the collection on The Roger Thomas Collection website or the Rocky Mountain Hardware websites.




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