March 28, 2017
DCA tours WESTWEEK 2017 in Los Angeles and participates on a panel discussion of design licensing, sponsored by Quintus Home.

Our Founder and Managing Partner Art Libera made a star turn on a speaker panel about design licensing last week during the WESTWEEK conference at the Pacific Design Center. In the well-attended panel discussion, Art shared what DCA has learned over the years about what factors make a design licensing deal great for product and interior designers, and what to look out for in terms of potential pitfalls and red flags as well.

In his comments on the panel, Art spoke about the importance of brand-building for any designer interested in licensing, and how a strong design point of view must be an integral part of that brand. He also remarked that DCA usually looks for opportunities to partner its roster of designers with larger retailers and manufacturers, due to the robust marketing and distribution needed to make any collaboration successful. Art’s final words of wisdom: “Always look beyond potential financial rewards, because it’s really about extending your reach and your brand in the marketplace in a meaningful way.”

Art and his team snapped a few photos of interesting things at WESTWEEK, with a theme this year called Icons + Innovators. Please check out the slide carousel below!

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