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Sondra Alexander

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From her converted Victorian home in San Francisco, internationally acclaimed visionary Sondra Alexander creates handcrafted works of art on paper and fabric. Working in the centuries-old art form of handcrafted wallpaper, her dynamic designs can be described as the blending of opposites – warm and cool, rough and smooth, rural and urban – resulting in an inspiring balance of forces that come together as a unified whole.

Sondra moved to San Francisco in 1982, leaving her career in high fashion behind. Working on tables sixty feet in length, making repeated applications of color and texture from materials such as stone, sand, metal and plaster, Sondra created designs infused with both tactile and artistic qualities. With intense depth of color, texture and luminosity, Sondra’s distinctive architectural style imparts a sense of life and breath imbued with a reverence for nature. Associated for many years with Yangki Wallcoverings and Fabrics, Sondra has stepped back from her role there. Design Commerce Agency is pleased to continue representing Sondra in her work with Koroseal, and is actively exploring other creative development opportunities with her.