Alpha Workshops, working with Design Commerce Agency

The Alpha Workshops

Alpha Workshops is dedicated to creating beauty and changing lives. Alpha Workshops is the nation’s only non-profit organization providing HIV-positive individuals with industry specific training and employment in the decorative arts. Alpha Workshops was founded in 1995 by Kenneth Wampler in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, and modeled on the famed Omega Workshops, the Weiner Werkstatte, the Bauhaus, and the American Arts & Crafts movement. This multi faceted organization encompasses Alpha Workshops Studio School (AWSS), a vocational school licensed by the New York State Department of Education, and Alpha Workshops Studios, an award-winning professional design and decorative arts atelier staffed exclusively by AWSS graduates. Design Commerce Agency acts as a liaison for Alpha and Koroseal Interior Products Group, which proudly offers Alpha Workshops designs to the commercial wallcovering market. These designs produce royalties for the sole benefit of the Alpha Workshops Studio School and assist in continuing their extraordinary efforts.