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Great expectations for Quintus

April 16, 2015
Roger Thomas and the furniture manufacturer should make beautiful music together.

Our partner Roger Thomas announced recently an investment in Quintus, a luxury furniture brand based in Los Angeles. Quintus is run by Jobst Blachy, an industry executive who acquired the Los Angeles company in late 2014. He will continue to run its operations as President. Roger reported the investment on his own blog:

“I’ve known Jobi for many years, and am delighted to be able to work more closely with him. I look forward to contributing design ‘conversation,’ opinion, point of view and direction. Quintus has an exciting opportunity to grow and create a new place for itself as routes to market evolve in the industry.”

Jobst Blachy, President of Quintus

Jobst Blachy

Jobi says that bringing Roger on board “is a tremendous asset for us.”

We couldn’t agree more. The move represents Roger’s first direct involvement in residential markets, although many of his designs are available for residences through the many able partners of The Roger Thomas Collection. Roger continues to develop new relationships on that front – all the while holding down his day job at Wynn Resorts as Executive Vice President of Design for Wynn Design and Development.

Like us, Jobi and Roger see many opportunities as routes to marketing to interior designers shift beyond the confines of a showroom floor. With Quintus the pair say they want to create a new benchmark for what a relationship between a manufacturer and an interior designer looks like.

Quintus is launching a new furniture collection in May, focusing on well-crafted, luxurious pieces that fit comfortably in both contemporary and traditional residential environments. With Roger’s participation, we are sure that future collections will help set the brand on a succesful course, and would like to congratulate them both.

Quintus furniture

Quintus seeks to unify materials, design and craftsmanship, and offer exceptional service to designers.

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