Boulettes Larder


The eclectic elegance of Boulettes Larder embodies the spirit of many cultures, but the unique richness of dining there could only be the work of Amaryll Schwertner and Lori Regis. The two women operate one of San Francisco’s favorite and most iconic restaurants in the Ferry Building Marketplace, and everything about it reflects their dedication to providing unique multi-cultural food and dining experiences. Their ever-changing menus include hearty dishes inspired by ingredients and cooking techniques from France, Central Europe, and the Near and Far East, all set off by large quantities of locally grown fresh California produce.

Over the years, Amaryll and Lori have added their own design sensibility to the restaurant, turning a spectacular waterfront setting into a truly memorable San Francisco landmark. Baskets, flatware and platters, both functional and decorative, are artfully used and displayed everywhere at Boulettes Larder. Design Commerce Agency is proud to be working with Amaryll and Lori to develop unique kitchen, food, entertaining, and home furnishings products for licensing to luxury manufacturers and retailers.