The Art of Design Collaboration, Powered by Design Licensing

October 14,  2016

Behind the scene of every interior design project or home furnishings storefront is a plethora of activities needed to deliver a beautiful, coherent design statement, which requires conceptualization, detailed design, full product development, and often global sourcing of the manufacturing. The goal is always the same: to showcase innovative design in a fresh way, either in a client’s home or in a store. Every item of fabric, furniture, lighting, and decorative object requires an elaborate process to take each piece from conceptualization to a fully realized product.

Partnering with leading influencers and designers through design licensing can be an extremely important  avenue for success, and has become a recurring theme for some established retailers. Companies such as Restoration Hardware, CB2, Pottery Barn, and West Elm have launched well-received collaborations due to a wonderful match of a guest designer’s aesthetics and fresh perspective with the affordability offered by these brands.

High profile designers and cult-like celebrity influencers generate some of the most notable buzz in the home furnishings retail market; examples include Lenny Kravitz for CB2, Ken Fulk for Pottery Barn, Kerry Joyce for Restoration Hardware, Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa, and the recent Commune Design for West Elm.

Our agency works with some of these well-known retailers, but a larger share of our design licensing business matches our stable of guest designers with manufacturers.  A few wonderful examples of great products born from these collaborations are shown.

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