TAL Studio, working with Design Commerce Agency

TAL Studio

The founder of TAL Studio, Todd-Avery Lenahan, is regarded as one of the hospitality design industry’s most progressive thought leaders, with a unique breadth and depth of experience in the hospitality consulting industry. Todd-Avery and his team at TAL-Studio have been commissioned by leading international hotel development and operating brands to conceive and direct design standards for their global resort and hotel portfolios. “Design is problem solving, and we like solving a range of problems as part of what motivates and fulfills,” TAL says. “We are indefatigably curious about our clients’ diverse and varying business objectives, and our curiosity yields huge return-on-investment.”

Design Commerce Agency is pleased to represent the TAL Studio team in its licensing efforts, bringing a deeply experienced point of view to the hospitality industry’s search for beautifully designed, functional, and innovative products. Currently Design Commerce Agency and TAL Studio are collaborating on a bedding and spa products line with Standard Textile.