Walters, working with Design Commerce Agency



This family-owned business traces its roots back to a furniture re-upholstery and antique shop in New York in 1934. It began importing wicker in the 1950s and moved into manufacturing for the trade in the 1960s. Today, led by the founders’ grandson, it offers unique, high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture in a range of designs. “We have always had a passion for wicker, rattan, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth, abaca rope and woven leather,” Walters says, “but we remain committed to finding new and different materials to present to you.” Walters aims to avoid the rare and achieve its unique looks through readily available, renewable resources. Design Commerce Agency client Roger Thomas is partnering with Walters to offer the Delta Collection of outdoor furniture, which the designer describes as “neo-modernist” in inspiration.