Standard Textile, working with Design Commerce Agency

Standard Textile


Founded in 1940, Standard Textile has developed a culture of innovation, quality and service. With more than 70 patents, their products are engineered to deliver durability, longevity, and customer value. Standard Textile strives in their design and manufacturing processes to drive down operational costs in the laundry and linen systems for healthcare and hospitality operations. Leveraging textile design, manufacturing, and laundry expertise, as well as a global infrastructure, Standard Textile serves customers in the healthcare, hospitality, decorative products, and industrial apparel marketplaces worldwide. Design Commerce Agency is pleased to be part of the partnership venture between Todd-Avery Lenahan of TAL Studios and Standard Textile. A groundbreaking collection of striking jacquard ensembles for bed and bath combines patented Standard Textile technology with Todd-Avery’s uniquely elevated aesthetic.

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TAL Studio, working with Design Commerce Agency

TAL Studio