Moore and Giles



Founded in 1933 in Lynchburg, Va., Moore and Giles is dedicated to designing and developing the most innovative and luxurious natural leathers for the high-end hospitality, aviation and residential interior design industries. Since 2007, the family-run company has also sold its own brand of luxury leather bags and accessories at fine retailers across the U.S. and online. As shoe production–the original foundation of its business–declined in the late 20th century, Moore and Giles diversified as a leather resource to other industries, primarily to the home furnishings industry, but also to the marine and athletic arenas. It brought a fashion approach to home furnishings that showcased the visual and tactile beauty of natural leather. Today its leathers grace some of the most exciting and exclusive design projects around the world. Design Commerce Agency is pleased to be working with Moore and Giles as it develops new products for The Roger Thomas Collection.