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Since 2006, Kalisher has offered a unique set of resources to the interior design world by providing designers and architects with an extensive collection of art works, along with the deep support services needed to help integrate these works seamlessly into their projects. The Carrboro, N.C.-based company was founded by noted photographer Jesse Kalisher and his wife Helen, a fine arts graduate of the Chelsea School of Fine Arts in London.

Serving the needs of hotel and resort projects around the world is a Kalisher specialty, helping developers and operators create full art programs. As Kalisher holds the rights to a huge catalog of art, they are able to make images in any size, up to 150 feet long, and print on unusual materials such as acrylic or glass. They also handle framing and installation as needed.

Of special interest in Kalisher’s catalog is the inclusion of the entire photography collections of Condé Nast, the famed publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest and other magazines, and of The Saturday Evening Post, the iconic U.S. magazine published from 1897 to 1971. These collections of millions of images, covering more than a century of publishing history, make the world’s most iconic faces and artists available without additional licensing fees.

Design Commerce Agency is proud to be working with Kalisher to forge new reseller opportunities for their unique art collections in the luxury residential retail market.