Jesse Kalisher

Jesse Kalisher




Jesse Kalisher emerged as a well-known photographer in 1996 when he and his wife Helen began circling the globe to learn more about various cultures and the human condition within them. In short order, museums like the Smithsonian and the Louvre began acquiring his iconic black and white photography. Today, you can also find his work in the George Eastman House, San Francisco’s de Young Museum, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, and on the walls of luxury hotels around the world.

Jesse has led photo expeditions from French Polynesia to Alaska, served on the faculty at the Maine Media Workshops, and has been invited to teach at the Santa Fe Workshops. Jesse’s first book, If You Find the Buddha, published by Chronicle Books, captured images of the Buddha in unexpected settings around the world. “The challenge I set for myself is to find moments and create pictures that stimulate the viewer on more than one level,” the photographer says. “A great photograph (for me) is one in which both the aesthetic and the meaning fight equally for our attention. It’s easy to create a pretty picture. It’s easy to create a photograph with a meaningful story. But create a picture that has both elements and you’ve got a treasure.”

In 2006, Jesse founded one of the leading providers of art for the hospitality industry in the United States. Under Jesse’s leadership, Kalisher (see company profile) creates a full range of art, from three-dimensional to paintings, graphics and more. Design Commerce Agency is proud to be working with Jesse to expand his company’s reach by forging new reseller opportunities in the luxury residential retail market.