Fine Art Lamps, working with Design Commerce Agency

Fine Art Lamps



Founded in 1940, Fine Art Lamps has established a long tradition of fine quality hand craftsmanship and artistry. The company serves an international clientele with galleries and showrooms in over sixty countries around the world. FAL employs over 700 skilled designers, craftspeople, artists, and associates in five facilities of over 400,000 square feet working together to create unique works of art in an intricate blend of old world tradition melded with new world innovation, providing designer lighting fixtures worthy of great customer confidence and loyalty. The company has been honored since 1965 with numerous design awards under the leadership of the grandson of the founder Max Blumberg. The prestigious ARTS Manufacturer of the Year Award has been awarded to the company nine times in nineteen years, and Fine Art Lamps has recently been inducted into the ARTS Hall of Fame. Design Commerce Agency is pleased to work with Fine Art Lamps.