Barbara Beckmann, working with Design Commerce Agency

Barbara Beckmann Designs

Best known for exceptional silk textile designs, Barbara Beckmann has been developing and refining hand-painting and printing techniques on fabric for more than two decades. Her abstract and floral patterns in silk are luxurious and elegant. Handwoven in Italy, Thailand, India, and China, her designs feature fanciful sea creatures, exotic butterflies, and other imaginative organic forms. Barbara Beckmann Designs has provided fabrics to an astonishing array of textile markets: Contract, hospitality, outdoor, high-end residential, exclusive home furnishings, restaurants, spas, resorts and yachts. A new direction for the company is licensing of archival designs, from a collection of over 1000 patterns, to various corporations. Design Commerce Agency is pleased to work with Barbara Beckmann Designs in identifying future growth and development opportunities.

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