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Aimée Wilder

Aimee Wilder



Born and raised in New York, Aimée spent her school holidays exploring the fashion showrooms where her parents both worked. From this early exposure to fashion trends and textiles, Aimée developed the foundation for her diverse interest in art and design. After her graduation from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2001, she began developing a body of fine-art illustrations and patterns while working as a freelance designer. This led to positions as a designer for several well-known firms including Dwell Studio, Martha Stewart Living, and The Gap. In her free time, she continued to develop her own art and patterns and became further transfixed by the world of textiles and design.

In 2008 Vans took notice of her bold designs and playful aesthetic. Three of her patterns were featured on 30 styles of shoes and fashion accessories, bringing Aimee Wilder to a global audience. Emboldened by her first fashion-licensing contract Aimee launched her namesake brand and began translating her artwork into designer wallpaper, debuting at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2009.

In recent years, her line has featured collaborations with fashion brands, Ivana Helsinki and Mowgli Surf.

Aimée draws her inspiration from contemporary graphic art, vintage illustrations, textiles and patterns. Her current projects include designs for home textiles and accessories, along with fashion and prints. She has recently ventured into designing and manufacturing hand made rugs in a variety of materials including Tibetan wool, silks, and other eco friendly yarns, produced in India and Nepal.